“How to Drink While Dieting” book review

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Chris’ Thoughts-
How to Drink While Dieting” by Michael Cecchin
Erica asked me to review “How to drink while dieting” since she can’t have any alcohol while she is on the pain meds for her foot.

The book is well written with lots of references to research and medical studies surrounding drinking Alcohol and weight loss. The author, Michael Checchin has obviously both researched and experienced what he is writing about.

His main goal is to show that loosing weight while drinking is not impossible, but it does require both moderation and focus to make choices that will not come back to hurt you in the long run.

Excessive drinking is what will easily lead to adding many extra calories to your diet, not only from the drinks themselves, but also the extra food that often accompanies them. Michael shows that you don’t have to give up drinking or turn down hanging out with friends just because of a diet because there are some simple decisions you can make even when you are out that can help to not go against all your hard work to loose weight.

The last part of the book is very informative about types of glasses and tools for mixing drinks as well as a large library of mixed drink recipes that allow you to make drinks very similar to common drinks with slight changes to reduce the calories.

I tried making the “Ginger Crown” recipe. I chose it mostly because the ingredients didn’t seem too difficult to find (let’s face it, I’m not too familiar with the LCBO) and didn’t need a shaker, strainer or other mixing tools. It was simple to make, and tasted very nice and refreshing, especially after a very hot day working outside. I did substitute diet ginger-ale for regular as I already had it in the house.

There are a lot of very good looking drinks that I hope to experiment with as well and I look forward to using this book in the future to learn more about mixing different kinds of drinks as well as finding tips on how to choose healthy, lower calorie versions of drinks when I’m out.

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