September 2012- Rogers TV apperance “daytime”

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Today I got to be on Rogers Cable 20 out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario area, on the show ‘daytime’, this was my 15th appearance on the show. The show airs LIVE at 10AM and then re-air at 1, 5 & 11.

This show was a lot different then my shows in the past. For one it started two hours earlier, making it interesting to get my daughter ready for school and to the studio on time, but thanks to some amazing friends it all worked out. Plus the hosts have changed, instead of Susan and Jay it is now Susan and Mark. There was also a lot of staffing changes too. But the big change for me was how I presented. Usually I have three to four products to talk about and share that way. I did have some products but mostly talked about how to stay healthy/fit with an injury.

Susan introduced me and reminded the viewers of my past shows and how much I’ve lost and how hard I’ve been working on staying fit. She then asked me about my injury and what I’m doing now. I shared again about my “no excuses” philosophy when it comes to being fit. I then shared about two of the ways I’m doing it. I first talked about simple weight lifting while sitting. I also made sure everyone talks to a health professional before starting any workout, it’s important to not hurt yourself further. I then talked about how I keep up with Cardio, with a hand bike. It’s simple to use and helps me keep up a bit of the heart/lung strength I gained from all the running I had been doing. Th last thing I talked about is a way to stay clean after working out by using a product called, SEAL-TIGHT (waterproof cast covering). I wrote a review about it that went live today. It fits perfectly over my boot and keeps it dry allowing me to take a real shower after my workout. There is no excuses when it comes to getting healthy.
I loved that on the show today they has someone who is an expert in arthritis patients and she even said that working out is one of the best ways to help with your arthritis. You may be in pain but with the proper direction you can still be working out and working towards better health.

Despite being supper nervous going on the show I think it went really well. Once I was in the studio it was liking being home again. I love being at Rogers and taking it all in. Having a B.A. in video production it’s a dream being in a studio. Thank you Susan for another great show. As always, a blast.

Thank you Rogers Cable 20 and Susan Cook-Scheerer. Also a HUGE thank you to SEAL-TIGHT.

I also did a review of SEAL-TIGHT on my blog below is the link to the review-
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My segment below

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I was not paid to review these items or to come on this TV show. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. (Just wanted to add I have never been paid for a review or for doing ‘daytime’ Rogers TV)

I also want to thank Rae from First Choice Hair Cutters for helping me do my hair for the show today. It would have been really hard to get my hair straight without you. (especially on one leg.)