@Those2Girls Show You How To Save! (speaking event I was part of)

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lisa of @Those2Girls and Stuff to do with your kids in Kitchener Waterloo asking me if I would like to speak at an event she and Dianne (the other half of Those2Girls) were putting together on savings. She thought it would be interesting to talk about my blog, being on Rogers TV and how connecting with other bloggers can help you save. I was hesitant at first as I’m usually good at speaking in public. Get me on TV I’m fine but put me in front of a group of people and I’m petrified. But after some thinking I thought this would be fun and a great opportunity for me.

The event happened last night (Tuesday) there were five speakers, each giving there take in tips on how to save. The first speaker was Melaine. She’s a mother who knows how to save. She had a great handout with all the sites she uses to help her find coupons, find deals and know store policies. The hand out even gave great tips and rules about couponing and how to make the most out of each coupon. I already knew a lot about couponing but she helped me so much with new ideas and tips. My favorite tip would be “buy products you will use, that are on sale AND you have a coupon for. Don’t buy products you don’t need unless you can get it for free, then donate it.” I will be keeping her handout in my couponing binder for future reference.

I got to speak next. I share about my blog, what I do and how I save and can help others save. I love working with companies to share my thoughts about their products. A lot of the time I am able to share discount codes with my readers for the product reviewed and even sometimes I get to run a giveaway, allowing for my readers to have a chance to try it for free. I think another way my blog helps with saving you money is you get a first hand opinion about a product from someone who is a normal, average, everyday person. If I like it, I share it and tell you why. I hope that my thoughts on a product will help you make a better decision about purchasing products. I was very nervous at first when I started to talk but the group was so welcoming and warm that they made it much easier to share.

The third person to speak was, Jane, she is a vlogger and healthy products specialist. Her and her husband are starting a website called “Fresh Endeavours”, where they will share with you great ideas and products that are safe for you and your family. She also shared with use four helpful tips on how to save money and how her family is already saving money. The first is, “they do not buy big ticket items new”. Meaning they buy things like their TV, car, electronics used from places like KIJIJ, asking friend/family and thrift stores. Her second tip is “say no”. “No” to things you don’t needs, “no” to the unnecessary things. Her family has given up cable TV. It’s not necessary and helps save them a lot of hard earned money every month. The third tip was “do it yourself”. Plant your own gardens, make your own foods, buy natural products and create your own products with natural things. She shared about how her husband makes amazing granola bars and also had a little bottle of a deodorizer made with natural ingredients that she handed out to each of us. I have to say I was excited for this deodorizer as I’ve been looking for something that wouldn’t harm my boot (for my Achilles tendon) and wouldn’t cause me to breakout in a rash but would also get rid of the stink. I’ve tried hand washing this boot and nothing seemed to help. When I got home I tried it right away and was amazed that it worked!! And I didn’t have to use any harsh chemicals to make it work. Thank you Jane. Her last tip is using “natural products”. She explained how using natural actually in the end costs you less. You get more active ingredients in your product and less filler, which means you have to use less of the product, saving you money.

The next speaker was Greg from Spike Mobile. He shared with us about getting deals straight to your phone via text messaging. You would opt-in for the companies you would want to get the special deals from. Usually the companies send out just one text a week offering the text deal users a special discount/deal. If you no longer wish to get the text deals all you have to do it text back “stop” and you will no longer receive any text from them. Even though the whole texting world is new to me and I didn’t understand everything he was presenting I was still very interested in this process and will be looking into this WAY more.

The last speaker of the night was Jennifer from KW’s Bargain Hunting Momma. She shared with us her great money saving ideas and about her FB group that is set up for members to share the latest and up-to-date deals. For example, you go to Walmart and see a really great deal on a product that wasn’t in an add. You would go to the group and share the deal and which store you saw it at. Her website also share great deals on eating out, even has a list of the best days to visit a restaurant with it’s “kids eat free” days. Honestly I’m in love with her site. I highly suggest you check out, Bargain Hunting Momma.

The night was so much fun and when we were all done we had a chance to exchange our coupons. I found some great coupons I can use. Plus Those3Girls had contacted a few companies and got use great coupons from Dempster’s, Maple Leaf, Finest Sausage & Meats Ltd and Seasons Christmas Show. Thank you to those companies for your generosity.

Here are a few links to the speakers on twitter and their websites, I hope you will check them out.

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Fresh Endeavours
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Bargain Hunting Momma

Thank you all so much again for an amazing night.