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“Against My Will” book tour and giveaway

My Thoughts-
“Against My Will” by Benjamin Berkley
This story starts out with one chapter in the present with Danielle and the next chapter in the past with Rose (Nana). Danielle is a thirty something Jewish women who just passed the New York Bar. Her father is determined to set her up with a nice man and surprises her one day with a man named, Jacob. She does not like him, even from the start but tries to give him a chance for the sake of her father. Then at Thanksgiving time Jacob proposes to her in front of her family. She felt like she had no choice, she’s getting older, feel fat and doesn’t want to disappoint her father so she says “yes”. Once they got married she finds out what kind of “man” he truly is and he ends up raping her. He thinks of her only as the means to having babies, doesn’t care for her or her feelings and wouldn’t listen to her when she told him to stop. She finds the strength to leave him thanks to her Nana and moves to California and starts life all over. You keep on reading hoping she will finally be happy. The book ends with her prosecuting a case of martial rape. And also living out her dreams.
The other part of the book is a dairy of Danielle’s Nana, Rose. She wrote this in the hospital right after being liberated from the Nazis. She shared her story from being taken out of her home as a child and being split up from her family. She talks about the women who saved her life and the man who raped her. Her and Danielle’s lives parallel each other a lot and it’s easy to see why they were so close.

This was a really great book with a lot of detail that sucks you in. I do think the ending felt rushed but that’s because I was so into the story and characters that I didn’t want it to end. When I was in university I studied the Holocaust and the tragedy that happened during that time. I also visited a concentration camp in Germany and the Holocaust museum in D.C. SO reading this book really felt real and the author was really able to capture what felt like a true story with Rose. He really did his research.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes love stories or are interested in a fun law read. It has a lot of everything for almost everyone.

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  1. Thanks for the very kind and candid review. Note, if any of your readers have any questions, I am available to answer all day today. Ben Berkley.

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  29. I enjoyed this book.