“Full Disclosure” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Full Disclosure” by Dee Henderson
Before I begin I will warn you, I will try not to give anything away but I might post some spoilers. The book was so in-depth and intriguing that when I try to explain it to you some secrets might come out.

Paul is a FBI based in Chicago, Ann is the MHI (Midwest Homicide Inspector) for the Midwest. Ann brings a unsolved case of a car wreck that looks to be more then a simple accident. Ann has discovered a tie between her case and a murder investigation for a women deemed the “lady Shooter”. A women who has killed over 30 people and has yet to be caught. Paul sees the information that Ann brought him a possible break in his case and begins to investigate. But something else happened when Ann showed up, she intrigued him. Paul started asking around to all her friends finding out who she is and whether he should pursue her more for a relationship. The more he learns the more he starts to fall for her.
The story continues on with the search for the Lady Shooter. To add more to Paul’s plate Ann contacts him about an important favor from the former VP of the US. He couldn’t believe he was being asked, let alone believe she knew the VP. This favor brings him in on another investigation, which also leads to him learning more about Ann.

I’ll leave my synopsis there. There is so much more to share but I don’t want to give it away. The story drags you in, you never know who to trust and what is going to happen next. The ending had me saying “wow, I didn’t see that coming, crazy!”. This is a love story but not your typical, “hugs, kisses, mushy” stuff. It’s deeper, it brings God into the center. Plus this story adds crime solving and adventure to it’s list. Making it a book for many people to enjoy.
If you like, a good love story, a good crime story and Christian books I think you love this one. It’s very well written and has many depths to it. It was not a dull book that you will read and put down and forget. It’s a book that will be on your mind for a long time.

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