Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Natural Vitality “Kids Natural Calm Multi” review & giveaway

My Thoughts-
As a family we focus on being healthy and ways to be healthy. One of those ways is making sure we get the proper nutrition and vitamins. when we heard about Natural Vitality Kids we were excited to try them out. We received the Natural Kids Calm Multi.

“The objective in creating Kids Natural Calm Multi was to combine the beneficial effects of magnesium with a comprehensive premium multi to provide children with key nutrients missing from their diets.”

As a healthy conscience mom the above statement is what I am looking for, for my children. The product is for kids ages 4-13 years. So only one of my children could try it out for me.
Lee, age 6.5, gets only 1Tbs mixed with water. I personally try everything that goes into my children’s mouth. I thought this mixed smelled really yummy and had a tang-fruit punch flavor. I enjoyed it. Lee on the other hand did not really like it. I wish I could allow my youngest try it as she loved the smell of it and I’m sure she would enjoy the taste. Every person has different tastes, so please don’t let Lee’s opinion sway how you feel about trying this product for your children.

Would I recommend this product? Yes! It makes for a fun drink for breakfast and provided the necessary nutrients to get your child through the day. Even though my child didn’t totally enjoy, I’m sure most will. I was pleased with the taste and will be looking at purchasing Organic Life Vitamins for myself.

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  3. Pesticides can harm your child as much as they hurt insects, leading environmental scientists have discovered.

  4. sandra mitchell says:

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  5. Patti Hess says:

    Osteo Calm is a liquid formula for bone health support that is unique in featuring this ratio along with vitamins and minerals designed to enhance calcium absorption.

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  9. Saver Sara says:

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  11. Stephanie Larison says:

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  12. Ashley Koff, RD is their featured expert.

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  14. Brittney House says:

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  15. crystal wilcox says:

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  17. I learned that exposure to pesticides can affect a childs ability to learn.

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  18. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I learned that Natural Calm was recognized by Vitamin Retailer magazine with its Vity Award in 2010 and again in 2011 and by Better Nutrition magazine for three consecutive years with its Best of Supplements Award.

  19. Jamie Martin says:

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  20. rebecca day says:

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  21. Tanyette Watson-Cantu says:

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  22. I take the Natural Calm for adults. I didn’t know there was a kids kind!

  23. susan smoaks says:

    i learned that Pesticides can harm your child as much as they hurt insects, leading environmental scientists have discovered.

  24. I learned pesticide exposure can cause lower iq

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  26. Natural Vitality is best known for its flagship product Natural Calm®, The Anti-Stress Drink.

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