“PEOPLE LIKE US” Blu-ray Combo Pack review

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My Thoughts-
“People Like Us” is a movie based after a true story. A man(Sam) is busy with work, then one day he get a call that his dad died. Sam’s girlfriend trying to comfort him but he really doesn’t need/want it. He felt like his dad was never there for him growing up so why should he care now that he is gone? Once back in his home town he gets a bag from him dad, it contains money and a not telling him who to give it to. Later on in the movie we find out Sam has a sister, he thought he was an only child. The movie goes on from there with the struggles of family and what to do with this new information he received.

I fell in love with this movie right away. The story dragged me in and I kept hoping everything will work out for everyone involved. The little boy in the movie was the best, great acting and such a cutie. I can see him doing a lot more movies and TV. I am glad we own this movie now, as I know it will be one we will watch a lot. We even enjoyed watching the special features. I learned more about the real story this movie was based on, and loved watching deleted scenes and bloopers.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to younger kids as there is some mild language and sexual innuendos. I would say this movie is perfect for families with older kids, pre-teen/teen and older. Be prepared to cry, get mad and laugh while watching this movie. I love it. I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5, only for the language.

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