Ten Weeks and Counting (A story of the ruptured Achilles tendon) pt. 5

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It is 10 weeks today that I fell down the stairs and ruptured my Achilles tendon. The weeks have dragged by so slowly, days seem to take forever and nights are sleepless. My back is killing me and I’m just sick of all of this.

There I got the negative out. It’s just feels like forever and I’m getting the blues. It might be another 4 weeks before I can take this stinky, sweaty boot off. But I am healing, and that is a HUGE positive. When I started out with this boot I had 3 lifts inside, if were to stand on my foot I would have been on my very tip toes. For the past two weeks the physical therapist has take two of those lifts out, which means I only have one more to go. That means I’m healing and that has me excited. I have also started doing exercises on my foot and leg at physical therapy. I have a strap around my foot attached to a pulley weight machine. Right now I can do 1-2lbs of weight. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s hard for me. If you were to look at my right leg compared to my left leg you would see that my right leg is a scrawny, muscle-less, useless leg right now. It’s actually kind of creepy at how skinny and tiny it is. But I am determined to run again and I will get this leg stronger.

I want to be honest with you all as well. I haven’t worked out as much as I would like. I get in maybe 1-2 workouts a week with cardio and abs. Thankfully I have not gained any weight but I have lost all my tone. I feel flabby and fat (and have gained inches). I miss my fit body and I really need to just suck it up and get more workouts in. I know in the end it will make me feel better. It’s just hard when I’m so down, I just don’t feel like doing anything. Plus my back is in A LOT of pain. It’s so much pain I was “tossing cookies” yesterday. But that is no excuse, there is always something I can be doing. If I’m going to be able to run the 10K I wanted to do this year, next year I NEED to be working on myself now. I may not be able to run but I can keep my heart in-shape, I can keep the muscles I am able to workout with stronger. I am sorry I have failed myself and you guys. I’m not practicing what I preach and that is a horrible example.

I’m going to leave you with this photo. I am promising myself and you guys I am going to do better on being healthy and fit. “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer then I was yesterday.” Both in healing and getting back on track.

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