“THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW” worship album review & giveaway

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Heidi’s Thoughts-
“THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW” was recorded LIVE at the Sugar Land Vineyard Church outside of Houston, TX.
Your Kingdom Come Know cd is perfect for those days when you need a lift or when you need a fresh look at things. This cd is totally a worship cd that had me lifting my hands to God. It has added a new dynamic to my quite time with God, I no longer just read my Bible and pray but I worship him in song as well. “Where the Mercy Falls” and “Psalm 92” are two of my favourites from this worship album. They talk about how God is always showing us mercy and how he is always faithful no matter what. He is there from morning to night, night to morning, during the good and the bad, he weathers the storms we go through right beside us holding us close.This album also brought me back to family camp where every Saturday night they would have a Christian band playing songs similar to these where you just close your eyes, lift your hands to God, soak in the Holy Spirit, and get filled with his love. I would recommend this album to everybody but for sure to those who need a boast in their quite times or in life just to get a lift when they need it the most and to remind themselves that God is always there. This album will be a permanent addition to my ipod.

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Vineyard Worship website
Casey Corum website

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