15 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 10

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15 Day blogger Challenge

10. What are some of your fears?
My irrational fears are clowns, beetles and being alone in the dark.

I started being afraid of clowns back when Stephen Kings’ movie “It” came out. My dad let my brother and I watch it. Let’s just say he had to sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed for several nights and I couldn’t take a shower or go to the bathroom with out him checking to make sure that clown wasn’t going to come through the drain.

I’ve never really like bugs but when I was around 11 years old I have a June Bug fly on/in my ear. The should and feel of it freaked me out. I HATE beetles!!

No clue why I’m afraid of being alone in the dark. It might come from all the scarey movies I’ve seen.

I also fear the day my parents aren’t here. I don’t want to think of how this world would be without them.
I fear my children getting hurt.
I fear that I might not be able to have more children. I hope for two more, but I’m getting older now.

I try not to fear too much. God says “do not be afraid for I am with you.” But I am human and still have those fears. I bring them to Him everyday.

Even looking at this photo makes my heart race!!


I am joining A Little Unhinged and a bunch of other bloggers on a 15 day Challenge to help you get to know me better. For the next 15 days I will have a theme to follow. You can check out all the days by clicking on this link.

This is what the rest of the week will look like-
11. What are your goals? Parenting, Life, Career?
12. Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?
13. Your top 5 posts and why you think they were successful.
14. 3 blogs you visit and read enthusiastically.
15. Closing and any upcoming posts or giveaways you want to share.