15 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 3

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15 Day blogger Challenge

3. What’s some of your favorite memories from childhood?

I really loved my childhood. My brother and I played outside a lot. We climbed trees, rode our bikes, built snow forts, played in leaves and even put glue on bees. Lots of fun memories there.

Other things I loved was making trips to Adventureland in Iowa. I LOVE roller coasters. However if you ask my pa he’d tell you the story of the time I tried jumping off one because I was so scared. My mom and brother never really went on the rides, only because their fear of heights. But it’s a fun memory that I wish I could relive.

Another memory is our trips to Missouri to visit Mark Twain Cave and touring Tom Sawyer’s “homestead”. I remember the caves like the back of my hand. I love the “Lemon Squeeze” section of the cave and also the “benches” we sat on. I loved hearing the stories of Tom and Mark. Because of these trips Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors, I love reading his books. One of my goals is to be able to bring my kids there. I know they will love it.

From age 4- 12 I was involved in dance, gymnastics and acrobats. I LOVED going to class and LOVED to dance. Because of this I have enrolled my oldest in dance, she loves it too. And seeing her in her costumes reminds me of my childhood.

I am joining A Little Unhinged and a bunch of other bloggers on a 15 day Challenge to help you get to know me better. For the next 15 days I will have a theme to follow. You can check out all the days by clicking on this link.

This is what the rest of the week will look like-
4. What type of student were you in school?
5. Who was your closest friends as a teenager?
6. Where have you worked?
7. Has your life gone the way you expected it?
8. Tell us a bit about your family!
7. What are your hobbies?
8. What are some of your fears?
9. What are your goals? Parenting, Life, Career?
10. Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?
11. What are a couple of your favorite blog tools that you use?
12. Your top 5 posts and why you think they were successful.
13. 3 blogs you visit and read enthusiastically.
14. Social Networks/Blog Communities you want others to know you’re a part of.
15. Closing and any upcoming posts or giveaways you want to share.