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My Thoughts-

“FATHER OF LIGHTS chronicles the journey of filmmaker Darren Wilson and his team as they fearlessly travel the globe, far from the daily existence of the typical evangelical believer in the West. By thoughtfully documenting the stories of extraordinary believers and candidly filming miracles, visions and other supernatural occurrences, Wilson engages viewers in modern day examples of the true nature and character of God.”

This movie/film is the third in it’s series and after watching “Father of Lights” I want and will be buying the first two. This movie will impact you in ways you never thought possible. It will change how you view life, God and everyone around you. By finding God and Jesus radically in all parts of the world, in many different ways. Share Gods love radically to everyone. Love unconditionally. The movie takes you to India, California, Jerusalem, China and various other places around the world. It taught me to love everyone I meet and to pray for them, to show them God’s love. It doesn’t matter who they are, witch doctors, club goes, gang members, idol worshipers, it doesn’t matter, all God is asking you to do is LOVE.

There are a few parts of the movie that really touched me, struck me hard. The first was when Ravi, in India, he had a vision to go to a temple and find a man. He found that man and that man had a vision of Ravi. The man was part of the Maharishi. I knew about this religion as I grew up in Iowa and Fairfield, IA is one of the biggest Maharishi temples. To watch this man be radically changed really hit me.
The second part that hit me deeply was a family who dropped everything, sold their house and moved to China with their kids. They had no clue why they were going to China, they just knew that is where God wanted them. Eventually they became directors of a orphanage for crippled, blind, brain damaged kids. They feel they are called to love them unconditionally, to make sure the kids feel loved. When I was in China I saw how orphans were treated, and if you were not “perfect” you were worthless in the eyes of others. To see this family loving deeply, it really touched me. I want to share this small quote from the movie, it puts it all into perspective.

Darren- “When I asked Deena why she does this for children who won’t be able to give anything back, I received an education as well…”
Deena- “We believe that God is the giver of life. And that if he choose for a life to be created, that there’s purpose in the life. These children have taught us more than probably the greatest teachers and preachers of our time about love.”

The last part in the movie that touched me is at the very end. I don’t want to give anything away, I want you to get the goosebumps I got seeing God at work. Please watch Robby and Darren in Jerusalem. You will be blown away.

I would recommend everyone see this movie. It will change you, it will challenge you and it will touch you. I would hope every church will purchase a copy and license to show to their congregation/community. It’s worth watching and sharing.
It’s subtitles in 11 different languages- English, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文), Czech (Čeština), French (Français), German (Deutsch), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Português), Spanish (Español). And is 98 minutes long.

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