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My Thoughts-
When we bought our house one thing that bothered me is having off white carpet in our front room and dinning room. I knew it would be a magnet for stains and dirt. After living here for a year, hosting many events/parties, and kids, there is a lot of dirt and grim. We will be hosting Christmas at our house this year and I wanted the carpets to be fresh for the holidays. Shineco Cleaning Services came in last week to clean my floors and I couldn’t be more happy.

Shineco Cleaning Services is based out of Cambridge, ON and serves the Waterloo Region. I went with Shineco Cleaning services for two reasons, the most important is the company uses all safe chemicals. (more information will be posted below about this) and the second is I was familiar with the person who would be cleaning my carpets, giving me trust in him with my house.

Shineco is a registered and insured company doing business in the Waterloo Region. They are also a VonSchrader Authorized Associate. VonSchrader is known for their eco-friendly cleaning products.

“The products are biodegradable, contain no toxic, hazardous, or regulated chemicals.
Contain no volatile organics, nor any harmful indoor or outdoor
environmental pollutants.
Have never contained heavy metals.
Produce no toxic by-products in the cleaning process.
They are green seal approved and wool safe.
They are even Boeing Aircraft Approved.”

Before Shineco came in we removed our own furniture, however this is not required. Craig of Shineco came in, vacuumed the floors to insure there wasn’t any dirt on the floors before the cleaning process. He then used a fine mist sprayer to the entire carpet and added a bit extra on any stains, and the doorways (well walked on areas). We waited 10 minutes and then agitated the chemical with a brush. After this he used a what I’ll call a carpet cleaning vacuum/shampooer. (I don’t know the technical term, but I would say it looked like a bigger version of a shampooer). And then he was done.

The process uses less water so our carpets were dry within 1.5 hours. What I loved is the lack of strong scent. Usually when I’ve had my carpets cleaned the smells would be so bad I’d have to leave the house. With the product Shineco used, there was a very slight scent and it went away within 30 minutes. Once the carpets were dry I did notice the floor was a bit stiff but once I vacuumed my carpet was nice and soft.
I had one stain that I couldn’t get out with water and soap, after the cleaning the stain was gone. I was going to show you a before and after photo of that but I couldn’t even find the spot it was at once it was clean, the cleaning was that good. We also had dark looking spots in the entry ways and main walking area. After the cleaning my carpet looked new again.

I would very much recommend Shineco Cleaning Services. I’m glad to have my carpets clean for all our holiday events. And once the holidays are done I know we will be asking them back to clean up any messes that may come. The great thing about Shineco is they do provide gift certificates. So if you’re looking for a gift to give the host of a party or a practical gift to give fore Christmas, why not give a gift certificate? If you have any other cleaning needs I would encourage you to contact them and see what they can do to help.

Here are some before and after photos.

Besides the eco-friendly chemical here are a few other ways Shineco is kind to our environment.
-“Our self contained equipment saves pollution over having a truck mount idle
in our driveway. Saves energy over other machines that need two power
-Saves time over other methods that over-wet the carpet leaving the potential
for mildew and mold.
-Also doors to the house are left closed keeping heat in.
-We use highly concentrated detergents that result in less water waste and reduced emissions during shipping with bag-in-a-box packaging. All packaging is reused or recycled.”

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