The You Doll Kit- review

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My Thoughts-
With Christmas just around the corner I think this product is perfect for your little ones. The You Doll Kit comes with everything you need to make a You Doll Super Hero at home with no sewing, you just need an inkjet printer and an iron.

I picked out the Armored Hero Pink & Blue Female 12 inch for my 6 year old, so she can become a super hero. The owner of the company even suggested making “mommy and daddy” dolls for your younger ones so they can have us around as “super heroes”.

The kit comes with batting, the cloth doll, the iron-on material for the head and an iron-on patch for the back once it has been filled and the instruction on how to make it. I highly suggest you check out their how-to video to ensure you make the best doll you can.

After reading the directions we were ready to create our You Doll. Lee couldn’t wait, “I’ve never had a doll look like me before.” Said with enthusiasm and a huge smile. We first found a perfect photo to use and tested out different sizes on regular paper before we used the iron-on paper. Once you print your photo on the iron-on paper you cute out all the background, peel the paper backing off, lay the photo down on the clothe doll and place the parchment paper over the photo. You then iron it on. Once the head is attached to the doll you take the cut up batting and fill the doll. I had to use a un-sharpened pencil to fill the legs and arms. Once the doll is filled I turned the doll over and ironed on the patch that was provided.

Lee LOVES her new doll. She had a lot of fun watching and helping make it and wants to take it everywhere with her. I’m impressed with this doll. It’s simple to follow the directions and almost everything you need is provided in the kit. I did have a small issue with ironing on the face but I was able to figure it out and it now looks great. I know a lot of little ones in our life who will love The You Doll.

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