bassgiraffe’s Thoughts is looking for #fitness & #health products/companies to work with!

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bassgiraffe’s Thoughts is looking for fitness and health products/services to review in the new year! In the month of January and February I’d love to have my blog encourage people to start fresh on their health and fitness goals. Whether they are already on a journey or just starting out. I would love to introduce to each of my readers products that can help them on their way.

I started my journey December 25th, 2010, in one year I lost 70lbs and for the year following that I have been able to keep that weight off, I’ve been blogging about my journey and encouraging many to change their life. I’ve recently had a major injury but still fought through it to stay health and fit. My goal for this next year is to loose another 20lbs and I plan on blogging about it.

One thing that has been my motto and helped me stay on track is “no excuses“. Excuses is what kept me from reaching my goals in the past but once I didn’t allow those excuses to rule me I’ve had success.

I would love to work with you. Companies Ive worked with in the past are Nutrisystem, BeachBody, Journey Gym, Empower Fitness and more. My goal for my posts in this new year is to not only share ways for adults to be fit but also encourage kids to be fit and hopefully families to be fit together.

If you would like to work with me please contact me at If you have any questions on how reviews work please check out my PR Friendly page.
I have a few speaking engagements coming in 2013 that I may be able to share your products at and I will have a few opportunities to be back on TV to share about ways to keep fit/healthy. So this might be a perfect time for you to come join in.

Product ideas-
-fitness equipment (adults and kids)
-fitness videos (adults and kids)
-fitness clothing (adults and kids)
-fitness gear (adults and kids)
-meal programs
-cook books
-utensils that aid in healthy eating
-books that encourage children to be healthy
-anything you think will fit into the fitness or health category.

THANK YOU!! Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!