“Dancing Fruit Put on a Show” iPad Book- review

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My Thoughts-
“Dancing Fruit Put on a Show” iPad Book

Andy Apple was creating a coloring book when all of the sudden the fruit in the book came to life. Each fruit had a star in different places on their being and each had a different dance. Andy Apple has his star in his middle and is afraid and shy to share his dance. He finally comes up with the courage to dance but falls. One of the fruits comes up to him and tells him that it’s ok, we all know how it feels.

We really liked this book. If first gave my kids a fun look at fruit and how they are each different. The book can be read to your kids or is easy enough for my 6.5 year old to read. My oldest read the book while my youngest clicked all the special buttons. The story also had my kids up and dancing with each fruit. It encouraged them to get moving.

I loved all the health related elements in the story but I also loved how it shows kids that it’s ok to be different and to show your talents, even if they don’t look like everyone else. It also teaches acceptance for ourselves and others when they mess up and fall.

The iPad book wasn’t as refined as some other books we’ve read but it works very well for children’s use. I give this book an A+ for health, acceptance, teaching self-worth.

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