“Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight” interactive iPad book review

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MY Thoughts-
“Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight” by Elaine Wilkes

Elaine’s book takes us on a journey to discover the health benefits/secrets we can see and find in nature and the foods around us. She discovered the mysteries and secrets from nature while working on her Ph. D. dissertation. This gives me more trust in this book, then anything. That and my own knowledge can get from nature. The book starts with us looking at the foods around us and seeing what they look like and figuring out what health benefits are from them.

The first two in the many foods Elaine talks about really floored me. She talks about a walnut, a walnut is heath food for your brain, the fatty content helps your brain’s health. The outer shell is hard like out skull, the inside the walnut looks like a brain with two halves and wrinkly (my word, not hers, lol) like a brain. The second food she talks about is a carrot. If cut into rounds it looks like an eye, and we all know that carrots are great for our sight and eye health. The books goes on with many fascinating foods and their benefits. How amazing is it that nature in it’s self it trying to show us what foods are good for us and how.

The book also contains little quizzes to test our knowledge of foods. It also presents helpful tips on preparing and eating these foods.

I read this book on my husband’s iPad but plan on purchasing it in paper so I can keep it in the kitchen, mark it up and use it to it’s full advantage. I would recommend this book to all families. It’s fun to learn new things about the foods we are or should be eating. And it’s a helpful reference for the foods we need to buy or grow.

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