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Chris’ Thoughts-
We had the opportunity to review The Personalized Premium Video package from Portable North Pole. This included a personalized video and phone call from Santa. The look on our daughter’s face was well worth setting up. She was so excited and couldn’t believe he was talking to her and knew so much about her and what she wanted. It brought tears to Erica’s eyes and it was fun to watch the wonder in our child’s face and eyes.

We do wish there was an option to set up the video and call to include both our children’s names, it was a bit awkward to explain why my oldest got a video and call and not our youngest. But our youngest did have a lot of fun watching and listening anyway.

As for set up it was quite easy to do. The website walks you through step by step asking simple questions about your child including age, gender, what they’ve done really well at this year (or what they still need to work on to get on the nice list) There are a few optional steps of uploading images etc to really personalize it. It was definitely worth it to see the reaction on her face when she see her name written in Santa’s ‘Good List’ along with pictures of her. They had a lot of options to choose from for gifts that she asked Santa for, but unfortunately the few things that she did ask for were not included in the list. I would suggest that they add a few more options for that but they do have a ‘special gift’ option to cover everything else.

The video Quality was good and the girls were very surprised to hear Linda’s name, age, grade etc. so I think it was definitely worth it.

One thing we had problems with was getting the phone call to go through, it was frustrating to us but was still fun to watch our children get the call.

Here is a video of her phone call from Santa-

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