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My Thoughts-
“ReAwakened” by Ada Adams

A few months ago I read the first book in this series, “ReVamped”. Before reading that book I was not a fan of vampire books, since reading the first book I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for the second book. I’m excited now to share it with you.

The story is based around a group of vampires. The main character in the story is Dawn. She was Born a vampire, and she is in charge of a group of “misfit” vampires to train them to protect a small town. There is someone capturing Born vampires to steal their blood. Dawn and the team must find out who is doing this and stop them before more lives are lost. Through this story Dawn finds out some haunting things from her past that is trying to stop her from completing her mission to save the Born.

At the end of the last story I was hoping to see more of a love connection between Dawn and Sebastian. We see more but you keep hoping they will finally share with each other how they really feel. There is a lot more passion in this love story then last. And the story leaves you hanging and wanting more. I do hope the author will have the next book soon. I don’t think I can wait too long to see what happened.

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to find out more. It’s a page turner that has my heart racing. When I finished the book I actually shouted “NO!! That can’t end there!”. It’s that good of a story line and is a great cliff-hanger.

I was never into any type of vampire books but Ada Adams’ books have drawn me in. So even if you don’t think you’ll like a vampire book I would suggest you give her books a try. Recommended for teens and old.

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