Being Sick- tough couple of weeks.

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I have no fancy photo or really a fancy thing to add to this but to say our household has been sick since January 10th and it really sucks.

My youngest got sick first. She started out with a fever and runny nose, within two days she developed a bad cough with the same fever. Two days after my youngest got sick my oldest joined her. Last week she went to school only twice. She loves school and didn’t even want to go because of feeling so crappy. We took them to the doctor, found out they had the flu and my youngest had a lung infection. Her cough sounded so painful, I just wanted to help her and couldn’t. Thankfully the meds she was put on helped. Then after a long, long week last week taking care of my kids I got sick. I’m still sick. All I want to do is stay in bed and sleep.

With all that being said, that is the reason for my lack of posting. I’m pretty sure this week will be the same way. No energy, no thought process to write. I really hope this sickness leave this house soon. It was never welcome here and it has stayed too long.