“Bible Stories that End with a Hug!” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Bible Stories that End with a Hug!” by Stephen Elkins

My family LOVES this book. Each page is a Bible lesson walking your children through the Bible. It starts out with creation and ends in 1 John with “Love one Another”. There are the Bible verses you are learning about referenced, an explanation of the verses that will make sense to your kids, then two questions with answers about the verses. Each study ends with the “command” to hug someone around you.


The illustrations, done by Simon Taylor-Kielty, are absolutely adorable. Each story is shown with little children and have so much details. My youngest kept saying, “awww they are so cute”.
I love how simple the lessons are and how quickly they can be gone through. A long, to detailed story seems to confuse my kids and looses their attention. With this book I know we can sit down daily and read through a story and teach our kids about God. And as a bonus we always get a hug when we’re done. And it’s a simple enough reading that my 6 year old can read a lot of it to us by herself.

I would recommend this book to any family who is looking for the perfect Bible study to do with their kids. It gets you into the Word of God in a way that your children can understand. And it helps create a bond between you, your kids and God all together.


Disclaimer- Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for free for my honest opinion. I was not asked to give a positive review and all opinions are my true thoughts and may differ from yours.

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