#Mamavation Monday Post- January 14, 2013

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This is my third week with Mamavation and I’m loving it. I’ve met so many women with the same goals as mine, and it’s really motivating.

Last week I had set some goals, I planned on following the family meal plan for the whole week without falter. This was going well until we all got sick on Friday, then we just ate what we could without getting sick and things that was easy to swallow with our sore throats. I’m not going to let this set back get us down, when you’re sick, you’re sick. Another goal I had was to workout 5-6 times for a minimum of 1 hours each day. Again, the sickness running through our house put a huge stop to that. I did get in 3- 1 hour workouts in and 1- 2 hour workout in before we all got sick. I’m still planning on working hard with my cardio for the fundraiser I’ll be taking part of in February. My last goal for last week was to have family activity time. Our time was spent just laying around with each other, passing tissues and drinking water, lol.

My goals for this week are the same, we’re still sort of sick, so I’ll have to take it easy getting back to working out, but I look forward to getting back on the bike. I also have a busy week, today (Monday) I will be on TV talking about ways to be healthy and fit for the new year, I’ll post a video once I get a blog post ready after the show. On Tuesday my daughter and I have doctors appointments. My daughter had ear surgery in August and has a follow-up appointment. And I’ve been suffering with head pain for the past 9 weeks and will be following up with my doctor on what to do for it. Then on Thursday I see an eye specialist to see if the pain is starting in my eye. But regardless of the busy week, I need to get time for myself to workout. It’s when I workout that my mood feels better, and then my health is better.

Thank you all for joining in every week and leaving such encouraging messages. I enjoy visiting your blogs and posting what I can to help and encourage too. Much love and I hope you have an excellent week.