#Mamavation Monday Post- January 7, 2013

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I’m excited to have been accepted into the Mamavation group, Sistahood. It’s a place for women to go and get motivation and motivate others to get/stay healthy and fit. This is like a dream group for me. I’ve been needing the encouragement and in the past I’ve LOVED motivating others. Last week’s post was amazing, I’ve never felt so welcome and so encouraged. PLUS I had a ton of fun visiting other blogs who have the same goals and beliefs as me when it comes to health and fitness. The connections have been amazing and I look forward to a long term relationship with these women.

This week was an off track week for me. I knew it would be as I told myself I could. The past two Christmas times I’ve been very careful with all my eating and snacking. It’s been great but I would also stress and feel down as I would see foods I only see once a year pass me by. And even though I regret some of my eating I’m also glad to have not stressed this holiday time. Will I do this next year? Probably not, as much fun as it was to be able to enjoy the “off limit” foods, I also hated how I felt. I was tired, felt bloated and now my pants don’t fit. It wasn’t worth this feeling. At least Christmas only comes one time a year and I have a whole year to get myself back to where I was and even more time to loose even more weight.

This week we already have a meal plan set up for the WHOLE family. It’s more fun when we do it all together. I also know this past week has effected my family. My kids have been a lot more crabby and sluggish. And hubby as voiced his want to loose weight too. I think if we do this as a family we will succeeded even more.

My goals for this week-
1- follow the meal plan without falter
2- workout a minimum of 1 hour 5-6 times this week. I’m also taking part in a fundraising event for my local Cardiac Hospital. You can read more HERE about what it will involve and how you can support.
3- have a family activity time