National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry- review

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My Thoughts-
I was very excited to have the opportunity to review the book, The National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry. It’s a book of 200 animal poems from both classics and modern selections. Every page is full of wonderful color photos of animals.

I loved this book from the start. I was excited to introduce my kids to some great classic writers, in a fun exciting way. My kids loved looking through the photos and asking me read them the poems that went with them. Some of the poems were hard for them to understand (they are ages 3 and 6), but a lot of the poems had them laughing at the silliness or had them saying “awww”, to how cute they were. I enjoyed the giraffe section while my oldest enjoyed the penguin section.

I found this book had something for everyone. You can find your favorite animal and read poems about them and see the amazing photos. If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to the art of poetry, this is a perfect book for that. I think every family would benefit from having “The National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry” in their house. It makes a great coffee table book.

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