“The Air We Breathe” book review

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My Thoughts-
“The Air We Breathe” by Christa Parrish

“The Air We Breathe” is a Christian fiction book. Each chapter is written in the point of view of the following characters in the following dates. “Molly 2009”, “Claire 2002”, “Hanna 2002” and “Claire 2009”. The book opens with Molly in 2009. She works and lives in a wax museum. Something happened to her that make her to not want to leave the building, it’s a paralyzing fear. She talks to the wax figures and to God. She doesn’t know how to break out and how to trust anyone around her. Her mother just wants to keep her safe and continues to allow Molly to keep inside herself. We next meet Claire in 2002. Claire lost both her children in an accident she blames herself for their death, she also has gone through a divorce. We next meet Hanna in 2002. She is a daddy’s girl and every Saturday they go out to do special errands. Something really bad happens and her life is completely turned around. She shuts down and refuses to talk, that is until she meets Claire in 2002. Hanna’s mom is jealous that her daughter will talk to a stranger but not her. Something else happens and Hanna and her mom are forced to go into hiding. Claire has no clue what has happened and is extremely worried. We then meet Claire in 2009, we see if she has been able to move on with her life from the loss of her children, her marriage and of Hanna. When we see her in 2009 he path crosses with someone from her past that could change both their lives forever.

This was a really fast paced, heart pounding book. There is some gore in it and the storyline breaks your heart. But the character’s search for God and looking to Him for help really pulls the whole book together. Little Hanna first hears about “Gee” from a brief glimpse of a TV show, an evangelistic program. She just hears that she can ask “Gee” for help and she prays and finds help. Later she learns that “gee” is Jesus and begins to learn more about Him and even finds a Bible to start reading. Claire is a Christian but is struggling with her faith after the death of her children, with the help of a few people she is finding her way back. Molly found a Bible in a hotel and kept it and has been reading it all the time.

The book had me drawn in and also had me looking towards God’s Word and love more. I would recommend this book to older Christians or for an older reading audience. I was hit hard by some of the tragedy and I’m not sure how teens would take it. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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