5 Ways Families Can Save Money on Energy Bills

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5 Ways Families Can Save Money on Energy Bills

Families that save energy don’t just save money, but also benefit the planet. Whether you live in New York or Texas, there are many overlooked ways that you can use regularly to save energy at home. In the following article we shall be discussing a few tips that can help you reduce your home energy usage and bring down your utility bill…

#1: Time Your Showers
Not many people have an egg timer placed in their bathroom, but those who do are able to save money by timing their showers. The thing is, most people confuse a long shower for a short one, and end up using a lot more hot water than they require. That water obviously has to be heated using power that can and should be saved. By setting up an egg timer, you not only save energy, but also water.

#2: Beware of the Phantom Load
Before you get confused, a “phantom load” is nothing but the power that gets used by an electronic device even when it is turned off. So if you have devices and appliances that stay plugged in all the time, things like a computer, large screen television set, cell phone charger, etc, then you are most definitely losing more power each month. The solution to this problem is to simply unplug any device/appliance that is not in use.

#3: Buy a Power Strip
One simple yet effective tip to save power on multiple devices is to plug them all into a surge protector or a power strip, so that you can collectively turn them off when they aren’t in use. This will help in cutting down the electricity flow to the devices, ultimately saving you more power every month.

#4: Change Your Bulbs
There are many energy efficient light bulbs in the market that you can buy and install all over your home. This is one simple power saving tip that many people fail to take advantage of. For example, compact fluorescent bulbs not only use less energy, but also last much longer than regular bulbs. Besides this, there are also other types energy saving bulbs out there such as halogen and LED.

#5: Watch the Fans
When you’re changing bulbs, why not take care of the fans too? Not many people are aware about the fact that fans should spin in different directions during summer and winter. During the summertime, fans can pull hot air up and keep it away from the room when they’re set to spin counter-clockwise. And when it’s winter, they will pull down warm air if they’re set clockwise. This might seem like a common tip, but it can save you a lot of energy by bringing down your central air system’s workload.

Remember, your family doesn’t have to live in the fear of getting a high energy bill (in case you are an electricity shopper living in Texas, then you can find great prices at www.shopelectricityratestexas.com). By making only a few simple adjustments such as that ones we discussed above, you can reduce your energy bills to a great extent.
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