IMAK eye pillow review

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My Thoughts-
I was given an IMAK eye pillow as a thank you gift. The IMAK eye pillow is filled with ergoBeads®, that get cool when put in the freezer. I’m in love with this eye pillow. The material is cotton and has “x’s” sewn in at the eye spots, making it a comfortable fit on your eyes, without pressing too hard. The strap is an elastic band. It also comes in it’s own zipper storage bag, it helps keep out the freezer smells.

I get migraines very often and I also feel hot at night. The IMAK eye pillow helps with both issues. I’ve tried store bought cooling masks that have gel in them and they never felt comfortable and was always too cold when I would first put it on. With the IMAK I can put it on and fall asleep within a few minutes. It helps me relax and eases the tension in my head. The only thing I’d change about it would be the strap that holds it on. I’d love for it to be adjustable, sometimes it feels too tight and others it’s too loose, it would be nice to change that for myself.

If you suffer from headaches or migraine, or just have stressful days I’d totally recommend the IMAK eye pillow. I know I’d love to have a second one around the house, as sometimes I forget to put my mask back in the freezer in the morning, and then I don’t have it at night. A very awesome product!