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My Thoughts-
Ring Bling is a game by Super Duper Publications. The game is an interactive game where kids earn rings for their colored hand. There are three different types of cards. The Yellow cards contain basic directions like “Kiss a slimy frog”. They don’t really kiss a frog but they need to use their imagination and kiss like they are really kiss the frog, maybe make a gross face. The Blue cards are what I would call “If” cards. For example “If you like brownies, say ‘baa’ like a sheep.” For my daughter she doesn’t like brownies so she didn’t do anything at all. And finally the Pink cards, they are “before” and “after” cards. This helps them learn how to do things in order. The game is for ages 5 & up and can be played with 1-4 players.

My oldest daughter LOVED playing Ring Bling. She is 7, so the directions to her seemed simple but I challenged her to be extremely creative in her actions. When we were playing I saw a drama queen come to life. Watching her stretch her imagination was so much fun.

The game is played with a hand and several rings. The directions suggest starting with 12 rings. Once the player completes a task the spin the spinner and add the amount of rings to their play hand. OR there is a spot on the spinner that tells you to give a ring to another player. It’s a fun twist. We played the game as a one player game so we skipped the spinner, but I know when she has friends over to play she will love to use the spinner and see what rings will go where.The game is silly and fun and kept my daughter active for over an hour, I’m sure she would have played longer if I would have let her. Even though there is only 50 cards, she wanted to play them over and over again and try different things with them.

As a parent I really love this game. It’s great to encourage your child’s imagination and it helps them learn how to take directions. It’s a great educational tool, teaching them before & after, following simple commands and helps them think about the “if’s”. I would recommend this game to parents with young kids and to schools as a great “rainy day” activity. For classrooms you can purchase extra rings and hands, that way you can include more children.

I’m actually impressed with Super Duper Publications. I’ve looked over their website and have a list of games I want to get for the future. One game that I think will be perfect for our family is Yogarilla. It’s a deck of card that demonstrates basic yoga moves but with a gorilla. I think it’s a really cute idea to make yoga fun for kids and to get parents moving along with them.

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