“THE AMBASSADOR’S DAUGHTER” book review & tour & giveaway

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“’Of course.’ How could I have forgotten? President Wilson arrives today. I stand and pass Monsieur Batteau a few coins, then tuck the Goethe tome and the book on botany I’d selected into my satchel. Outside the street is transformed—the queues have dissipated, replaced with soldiers and man in tall hats and women with parasols, all moving in a singular direction. Leaving the bike, I allow myself to be carried by the stream as it feeds into the Rue De Rivoli.”

My Thoughts-
This book takes place in Paris, 1919. It is centered around Margot, the daughter of a German diplomat. They are in Paris along with other world leaders to figure out a way to create peace throughout the world. Margot has always tried to do what is “right” and what would please her dad. She’s engaged to a injured solder of the recent war. She’s not sure if she really loves him and wants to also be allowed to explore the world. While in Paris she meets two very different people that have her questioning everything she knows. You want to see how it ends. Will she find new love? Will she follow her dreams?

The book started out slow for me and took awhile to get into. I think mainly because of the date setting. But once I got into this book I couldn’t put it down. Things I thought would happen didn’t, there were a lot of twists and turns. And just when I thought I knew how the book would end, it has one more twist. Lets just say I would love another book that follows after this one, just so I know where Margot’s life ends up at.

This book is for anyone who loves to read historical romance books. It’s not a cheesy romance book with all the “love making” and mushiness, but it does steal your heart.

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