What to Expect When WE’RE expecting!

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On January 9th, two days before my 35th birthday we found out we are expecting our 3rd child! We didn’t tell anyone for a long time. We’ve had a few complicated pregnancies and we didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up until we knew everything was going well.
I visited my family doctor soon after finding out and was given an order for blood work. I then saw my doctor again Feb 12th to see how things were going. Everything was looking great! I knew they should be with all the nausea and tiredness. But it was nice to hear it from the doctor. Then the night of Feb 13th we gave our daughters a special Valentine’s Day gift and captured it on video. We then sent the video to our families.

I loved giving this gift to my girls. They’ve been asking for almost a year now to have a new baby in the family.

Today we had an ultra-sound. Everything is still looking great and I’m still doing very well.


I’m officially 12 weeks along and next week I will be past my first trimester. I look forward to the second trimester and hope to have more energy and to be able to eat more foods that are healthy.

So, what to expect here on the blog? I’m currently looking to work with any companies that focus on health, fitness and fashion during pregnancy. I think this is a fun journey and change from talking about being healthy outside of pregnancy.

This part is adapted from Sippy Cup Mom, who will be having her twins very soon.

bassgiraffe’s Thoughts info-
How Far Along:
11 weeks and 6 days

Total Weight Gain:
gained 15lbs. Mainly because I have no energy to workout and I’m eating way more carbs then usual. I’m hoping the second trimester will be easier with eating and getting more physical activity.

Food Cravings:
Corn, fruits, mac & cheese.

Food Aversions:
Ground meat, onions, garlic, anything too creamy, fish, chicken, nuts and some chocolates. Pretty much everything with the exception of carbs. I’m working hard to try and get good foods in.

I’m sooooo tired all the time. I’m going to bed by 9PM every night which is really early for me. I’m a night person and love staying up til midnight. I’m also very nauseous and can’t eat much of what is healthy.

Today was my first ultra-sound, the next one will be at 20 weeks. Everything is looking great. I saw the heart beat, which is the important thing for me to see. I’m measuring around 12 weeks and a few days.

This Week, We’re Talking About…
Baby health and why mommy is throwing up a lot.

Because of complications in past pregnancies I will be seeing an OB by March 15th, I don’t have an official appointment yet but that is the timeline.