A New Era in DNA testing for Paternity

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We moved from a time where DNA testing was only for selected people to a time where affordable DNA paternity testing can be obtained at a simple click.  Paternity test has by far become very popular to help solve many family questions.  It has become a possibility for any individual or family wanting to find answers to their doubts regarding the biological relationships.

Has the quality reduced relative to the price?

On the contrary, the quality has not reduced but in most cases it has improved.  Many DNA testing companies like easyDNA advertise their well-deserved accreditation such as ISO17025 and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).  These certifications are only given to laboratories that have managed to reach and maintain a certain standard.  Choosing a laboratory of this type will give you the reassurance that all necessary steps are followed according to the guidelines stipulated by the international standard organisations.  A variety of prices would normally reflect in the type of service the DNA testing company will offer you, how attentive they are to your particular case and how quickly they are able to provide you with a result.

Does modern DNA testing use different technology?

All possible human errors have been diminished with the introduction of robotic automated technology.  All processes are carried out impeccably and automatically and have also reduced the costs involved to complete the analyses.  This type of technology is available in highly accredited laboratories.

What about sample collection?  Is it expensive?

No more need to go a doctor to collect your sample in a clinic or in hospital as it only consists of a simple mouth swab.  A testing kit is normally sent to you in the post in order to carry out the test.  Following a very few simple steps will complete the process.  This is free of any charge as it is you who carries it out.

Do all affordable DNA paternity testing companies offer customer support?

Not all affordable testing companies are able to offer you the customer support you might require to complete your test.  In most cases it is fairly simple to complete the whole process but it is important to be able to receive guidance and support should you require it.  You will notice from the very first time you get in touch with the DNA testing company of your choice if they are serious about assisting you and if they reply promptly to your queries.  The difference in prices of various DNA testing companies might mean that there are less personal online ready to assist you.  It could be anything regarding the DNA test itself, consultation on the best type of test to carry out to find answers to your particular question or simple technical assistance regarding opening your result on your computer and interpreting it.

So this is how affordable DNA paternity testing has become a possibility.  If you look out for the above-mentioned points, you should be able to choose the best DNA testing company for you

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