Baby Gourmet’s 2013 six new delicious fruit/veg combos- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
Our family is a HUGE fan of Baby Gourmet products. My kids, even though they aren’t babies anymore they still love to have them as a snack. We were excited to hear they came out with new flavors at the beginning of this year. The new flavors consist of- Banana, Apple & Kale; Cherry Apple Blossom; Banana, Apple & Beet Berry; Minty Pears, Apples & Peas; Banana, Apple, Fig, Oatmeal & Greek Yogurt; and Fruity Carrot & Greek Yogurt Smoothie.

When our sample box came my kids couldn’t wait to try them out. They loved them all but their favorites were the Banana, Apple & Kale; Cherry Apple Blossom; and Banana, Apple & Beet Berry. They ate them like it was candy or a cookie. I loved that they were fruits and veggies and all organic. And now that our 3.5 year old has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I’m excited to see that one pouch will fit perfect as a snack or as a one carb choice for a meal. It’s a great healthy choice to pick from.

As with all of Baby Gourmet’s products, these new ones are amazing. Great fruit to veggie combo, the kids don’t even realize they are eating their veggies. In fact when I told my 7 year old that they had veggies in them she told me I had to be lying, lol. I’m glad they love these healthy, organic snacks. I look forward to next year when we will have a baby in the house to eat these too.

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