Review for Staples Osgood Bonded Leather Managers High Back Chair

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Maureen’s Thoughts-

When I knew that we were going to receive the Osgood™ Managers Desk Chair from Staples®,
I was so excited. Our old chair was falling apart and very uncomfortable. I broke my leg some months ago and it is very painful to sit very long in most any chair. Would this new one help? I hoped so as I do some work online for a little income and spend several hours a day at the computer.

Finally, the day arrived. We had our chair! We couldn’t believe how easy it was to put
together. No other tools were needed besides the hex key that was provided. Each bolt and
piece of hardware was conveniently packaged so it was easy to locate the part we needed. The instructions had no print, only illustrations. A little written help might have been nice, but it wasn’t too difficult to follow, and it was completely assembled in just under 30 minutes. We pressed the red ‘Easy’ button which Staples had sent us which says “That was easy!” because it was!


The packing was not as well done as most products we purchase, and even though the box
looked fine, we found one of the legs to have a big scratch which even gouged into the black plastic part. It’s not that noticeable when in use, but still should not have been there. The part that was damaged was facing the middle of the box, so doesn’t seem likely that it happened in shipping; probably in the packing. Seeing the words ‘Made in China’ didn’t make us too happy, but it’s difficult to find products made in the USA any more. That’s too bad.


Once our beautiful new chair was together, we loved the look of it. I love the look of leather and the stitching is a nice addition which makes it really stand out as a quality chair. But the real test is in the sitting. No problems there –wow, is it comfortable! The back has padding in all the right places to give great lumbar support which helps your back especially if you have to sit for long lengths of time. The back is also high enough to rest your head on if you wish to lean back on occasion. Just use the easy adjustable tilt tension handle. The seat has great padding and helps with your overall seating and leg comfort. You can also raise or lower the chair to the height that suits you. We love the padded arm rests!

After several weeks of using our new office chair, we are very pleased. The comfort features help me sit for my job without my leg feeling so painful. The seat is big enough that it doesn’t seem to cut into the back of my thigh. The padding over the whole chair provides support and comfort.


I love the looks and functionality of the Osgood chair from Staples and believe it will last us many years. Now I want a new desk that looks as good as my chair. Staples will be the first place I look. I’ve shopped there for years and know they sell quality products and have exceptional
customer service.

Thanks Staples for my great new desk chair! ‘That Was Easy’!

Full disclosure, Staples provided me with this Osgood Leather Chair. The words and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. To see the full line of Office Chairs visit