SALTER 1450 Scale review

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My Thoughts-
With our 3.5 year old recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes we are having to learn a lot of new things to keep her healthy. One thing is her diet. Although we eat healthy as a family 5 times a day we still needed to learn more about Carbohydrate grams and being sure she eats the right amount. Her dietitian suggested we try out the SALTER 1450 Scale. It has over 1450 foods already in the data base and can be programed with more.

With this scale you place the food you want to know more abut on the scale and enter the title of the food. Once it weighs it and knows what the food is it will give you the nutrition value of the food, just like the side of a cereal box. So lets say you have a regular apple, you place it on the scale and say apple fresh. It then tells you the nutritional value of the whole apple. But lets just say you peel the apple, you enter in apple-peeled and it give you the nutritional value of it.

We were given a general nutrition guide to follow for common foods like bananas and apples. But with this scale we get more accurate numbers with the foods. We had one banana come up with 45 grams of Carbohydrates and another banana come up with 30 grams of Carbohydrates. This make a HUGE difference on how much we give our daughter. For one meal she can’t eat more then 45 grams of carbs, if we would have given her the larger banana that would have been all she could have eaten for lunch. SO, instead of giving her the whole thing we cut into thirds.

I wish I had, had the Salter scale even when I started my weight loss journey. It gives you so much more then a regular scale. We are very excited to have it now and have been weighing everything, such as homemade bread, pasta, cookies, fruit… It gives us that peace of mind knowing we are able to more accurately keep track of her carbohydrate intake. We bought ours from as it was the best price online we could find. For families with diabetes I would suggest you check out the rest of their site, there is a lot of great products to help.