“The Dance” book review

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My Thoughts-
“The Dance” by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

Marilyn is not happy in her marriage of 27 years. Her husband is a workaholic and is always focused on his image in the community and church. She’s felt unloved by him since their wedding day when he wouldn’t even dance with her. She decides things needs to change and leaves/separates from her husband, Jim. She is finally free to have a job, to go out with friends and to even take dance lessons. Jim is furious, how dare she leave after all these years and all he has done for her. Their kids aren’t that surprised and Jim starts to learn a lesson on what type of person his has been.

This book and it’s story line really brought me in. I could see where Marilyn would want to leave and I was angry when Jim didn’t understand and would assume she was just having a small crisis and will come back to him and apologize for what she has done to him and for ruining his reputation. As the book goes on my heart softens for Jim. He starts to see his faults and tries very hard to let Marilyn know he has been wrong.

The book kept me wanting to read more. It’s well written and pulled at my heart. I wanted to see if things would work out for them, I was hoping for it. It all comes down to the dance.

This book is perfect for Christian couples who are looking to heal a marriage. Or if you love “love” stories, this book would appeal to you too. I have read a few of Dan Walsh’s book and this one is just as good if not better.

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