What do you do when your 3.5 year old is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes?

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FREAK OUT!! At least that’s what I did this past Monday. Moo had been acting sick for over a month now. I thought she just had the flu. She was extremely tired (sleeping for 15+ hours a day), really really thirsty, peeing way more then usual, cranky and was loosing weight. Last weekend I decided this had to be more then the flu and called her pediatrician Monday morning. I gave them all these symptoms and they asked “How soon can you get here!?!” We get to her doctor’s within 45 minutes and they ask for a urine sample. Within 15 minutes of seeing the doctor we were admitted into the pediatrics ward at the hospital. We were informed that she has Type 1 Diabetes.

My heart sank. What did this mean for her? How will the effect all of us? How are we going to deal with this and make her ok? Upon more testing we found out that she had been sick with this for sometime now and that her keytone levels were dangerously high and she was almost brought to ICU. Keytones are a toxin produced by the high levels of glucose in the system for long periods of time. Why did I wait so long to seek help? Why didn’t I see it wasn’t just the flu? I’m her mom, I should have known, I should have protected her.

I know know that it’s not my fault but my heart still hurts. She was so sick they had to put an IV into her hand and another “lock” IV in her other hand for blood tests. My heart broke again for her, she screamed in pain, looking at us for it to stop.

Her first night was a long one. We had a nurse staying in our room, testing her blood every hour. There were so many tubes and cords hanging from her tiny little frame. She was tired but couldn’t sleep, she was scared and confused. Her second night was a bit better but her glucose levels dropped dangerously low and they had to put another IV in and check her levels every 2 hours. The third night got even better but she still dropped really low. The next couple of nights were very better. On Saturday we were finally allowed to come home.


What does this mean for us? We have to poke her finger 4-6 times a day to test her blood levels, then we have to give her insulin injections 4 times a day in her leg or bum. She has gotten a lot better with the finger pokes but for the leg pokes she scream begging for it to not hurt. Breaks my heart every time and I try to let her know she needs this, that her insides are sick and she will need to do this for the rest of her life. (Just typing that now makes me cry, the rest of my 3.5 year old’s life… So long) To help her through these pokes one of the nurses set up a sticker chart. For every finger poke, insulin injection and for every time she let the nurses and doctors touch her, she got a sticker. After she got a few stickers she got prizes. This has helped her a bit and we brought the chart home and will be adding stickers and giving small prizes.


We have to also watch what she eats and when she eats to insure she’s not eating too many carbs/sugars. It’s not a huge stretch for us, as we’ve been eating well as a family for a couple of years now and I’ve already learned how to read labels. But it’s still a lot of work right now. And Moo loves to snack on fruits, a lot and we’ve had to cut back for her. She then complains about being hungry. We’re finding ways to deal with this, it’s just going to be a big learning process for all of us.

I call her my super hero! Even though she cries and is upset she is being so BRAVE. She makes me so proud. I love her so much.

One thing I wish I could find is a diabetic doll for her to play with. One that looks like a girl and has a pretend kit of all the things she needs. I think this would help her so much.

More of our story will come later. As I learn I will will share. Thank you all for your encouragement, prayers and love.