“Double Click” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Double Click” by Lisa Becker

After reading the first book in this series, “Click: An Online Love Story”, I couldn’t wait to see where the lives of Renee, Shelley, Ashley and Mark are at. Plus we get to know a few more characters, Cassidy (who Mark meet online) and Ethan (the guy Renee met online and who we met a bit in the first book).

This book is written in the similar style as the first book. We only see the lives of the characters through their emails to each other. It takes awhile to keep up with who is emailing who and when but once you get into it you feel like it’s a normal book to read.

In this book we have a wedding, a baby, an unexpected romance, and a ton of crazy “adventure”. Mark, who is extremely close friends with Renee and Shelley meets a girl named Cassidy. He’s over the moon in love with her but his friends find her extremely annoying. In fact I would even find her annoying. She’s a fitness coach, LOVES cats and types in all lower case. She loves to forward funny videos and photos of random cats. But Mark’s friends try very hard to like her because they like him. We also get to know Ethan, Renee’s boyfriend better. He has a new job and is totally support of Renee, he just doesn’t have as much time to spend with her now that he has this new job. And a shocker of this story and a WARNING to everyone that this could be a SPOILER, Shelley, the one who is the wild child, has met a guy she thinks she might be falling in love with. The book leaves us with Shelley going to figure out her feeling and with Renee figuring out her future with Ethan. I can’t wait for the next story.

I love these books. They are a quick easy read that gets you laughing so hard. At times I would forget I was reading a story and would think I was actually part of this group of friends’ email group. This is another must read for those who love a cute romance book and a book about true friendship.

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