“EVIDENCE OF LIFE” book tour and review

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My Thoughts-
“EVIDENCE OF LIFE” by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Abby is in need of some quiet time and is looking forward to having the house to herself while her husband, Nick and their daughter, Lindsey go away for a camping trip. Still, Abby is nervous about them going on this trip and she just can’t put her finger on why. Things between her and Nick have been rough lately, ever since he was accused of stealing money from an organization he helped out with a lawsuit on.‏

A few hours into their trip Abby get a strange phone call from her daughter Lindsey. Something is really wrong and now Abby is driving in the worst storm her area of Texas has seen to find them. There is major flooding and many people are lost. After weeks of searching the police tell her that they must be dead and it’s time to move on. But Abby feels there is more to it. Little did she know her not giving up will change her life, marriage, view of her husband and so much more.

I really enjoyed reading this book. There is a ton of suspense, I didn’t want to stop reading because all I wanted was for Abby to find her family. There are so many twists and strange people she’s meets while searching. You don’t know who she can trust and I found myself holding my breath a lot hoping Abby and her family will be ok. It’s a tough storyline to read, as in it pulls at your heart.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good suspenseful mystery.

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