“Miracle on Snowbird Lake” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Miracle On Snowbird Lake” by Stan Bednarz

“Eleven year old Annie smiled at her dad as she pedaled past the pearly white church gazebo- a still frame etched in his mind forever. He could not have known it would be his last glimpse of her cherub face.”

This line stuck in my head throughout the whole book. Robert Davis is a pastor of a church in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains. One day is daughter was taken and the town rallied together to help find her. After a while the support let up and the Davis family was on their own to try and find her. They weren’t going to give up. At least, Robert wasn’t going to give up. He blamed himself for her going missing and he blamed God, then hated that he was blaming God. He was desperate to find his little girl, he even said a few times he would be willing to make a deal with the devil if it would mean getting her back. He was struggling so much with the battle inside him that he was getting ready to leave the church all together.

A year had gone by and another little girls goes missing. This time by a miracle, she is found. The kidnapper is caught but will he speak about the Davis girl? Robert Davis has new hope and begins to search deeper and hard to find his little girl.

This was a really good read. But I do warn you it will really pull at your heart and mind while reading it. When I finished this book each night I went into my children`s room and gave them an extra hug and kiss. I couldn’t imagine going through life without them and I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I found out someone did very bad things to them.

The book also got me thinking about how much to I trust God and how much would I rely on His strength to get through a tough time. I know Pastor Davis struggled a lot and he is a “mad of God”. It’s human nature to want to fix things on our own but if we would just let God take over life would be less “heavy” for us to deal with.

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