Pantheons: The Game of the Gods- book #2 review

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My Thoughts-
Pantheons: The Game of the Gods- book #2 by E.J. Dabel

**WARNING! May contain spoilers. And if you haven’t read the first book this review will give away a lot.**

The book opens one year later in the same spot Isaiah Marshall and the “old man” were on the mountain looking over the ocean. Isaiah has spent this past year trying to prefect his god powers and strengthen his mind & body so that he can fight his father, Zeus. It is now time for him to go back home, try to save his friends from death and to reunite with the new redrovers, the other godlings. However he comes back to a whole different place, it’s his school but it’s different. The world now know that there are gods among them. And now the Fourth Great War is to be fought. It’s going to be a worldwide “spectacle” by playing a game of tasselball. Isaiah and his friends must play in order to full fill the prophecy. Can Isaiah keep up with the greater gods? Can he play with only one arm? Will his team survive?

As with the first book I couldn’t put this book down. In fact it’s been 4 days since I finished this book and started reading another non-related book and my mind still turns to The Pantheons. The book is intense at times, other times it made me cry and other times I would get so mad at the characters. Just as I was finishing this book and thinking I knew what was going on a HUGE twist happens and then the book ends. I literally said, “what? NO!! I need the next book NOW!!” It’s that good of an ending. I can’t wait for the third book to come out, I know it’s going to be awesome. The first two books were amazing reads and I have no doubt the third will be just as amazing.

I’ll say this again like I did for the first book, I hope this becomes a movie. The book has a great story line, awesome and lovable characters and great details on the visuals. I feel like I play a movie in my head already.

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