PinkBlush Maternity- Flowy Ruffled Maternity Blouse- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
I am very excited to have the chance to work with PinkBlush Maternity. After loosing 70lbs this past two year NONE of my maternity clothes from my past pregnancies fit. I needed new clothes and being 18 weeks pregnant now I’m no longer able to wear any of my “regular” clothing. I’ve been walking around in sweats and baggy t-shirts. I felt frumpy and not really pretty. So when my new Flowy Ruffled Maternity Blouse arrived from PinkBlush Maternity I was so excited. The shirt looked so beautiful and girly.


The shirt has two layers. The bottom layer is a shiny stretchy material and the outer layer is a sheer material that matches the color underneath. There is also a ribbon in the center so you can create a cute bow. I chose to hid the ribbon inside the shirt and match the shirt with a cute necklace. The shirt is hand wash only and hang dry only. The only issue I have with this shirt is it’s a bit short, but it doesn’t help I’m 5’11” tall, so for the average women it will fit normal.

I’ve never owned any cute, trendy maternity clothes before. I usually owned stretch pants and maternity t-shirts. I love that I finally own maternity clothing that makes me feel so beautiful. I will be adding a whole bunch of cute shirts and skirts and pants from PinkBlush Maternity to my wish list. Everything is so cute and looks comfy. I would totally recommend this company to my friends.

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