Pregnancy- 20 weeks 5 days (gender announcement)

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It’s been a long few months. It’s tiring as it is being pregnant, then you throw in a recently diagnosed 3.5 year of diabetes and throw in pregnancy induced kidney stones- you get TIRED!! One thing I’m very thankful for is that baby is doing well. Growing properly, good heart rate.

Today was our ultra-sound to check the baby’s anatomy and find out gender. I also found out I might be put on bed rest because I have low placenta (but we’ll wait to see what my doctor says). I had this with my second child and it’s not fun. I’m hoping the placenta will move up within the next few weeks. We don’t have time for me to be on bed rest. I need to take care of Moo and her diabetes care.

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Below is a format I adapted from Sippy Cup Mom. She recently had twin girls. She’s also one of my favorite blogs. Please go check her out.
How Far Along:
20 weeks, 5 Days

Total Weight Gain:
20lbs. The first 15lbs were in the first trimester, the rest has been this past few months.

Food Cravings:
chocolate milk. Peanut butter w/ chocolate and salads

Food Aversions:
Same as before-
Ground meat, onions, garlic, anything too creamy, fish, chicken, nuts and some chocolates. Pretty much everything with the exception of carbs. I’m working hard to try and get good foods in.

-some morning sickness still
-I tore a ligament turning wrong. I guess this is common in women who have had previous pregnancies. Hurts like CRAZY!!
-Heart burn
-itchy skin

I had my 20 week ultrasound today. Placenta is very low. Also found out the gender. IT’S a…


This Week, We’re Talking About…
Gender and baby names. As well as finding some baby things we need.

I haven’t started seeing my OB yet, My first appointment with him will be in June. I will see my family doctor next on May 7th. But there is a possibility I will be seeing one of them sooner because of my placenta.