After Earth movie Review

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**WARNING- may contain spoilers***
My Thoughts-
My husband and I haven’t been on a date since January. Life has gotten a little crazy with our daughter being sick and me being in the hospital with kidney stones. And for once everyone was feeling great and we were able to find a babysitter last minute. We decided to see “After Earth” with Will and Jaden Smith.

I was very excited to go see this movie. I have loved every movie Will Smith has been in. Plus I’ve had a “crush” on him since the 90’s, so I HAD to see this movie.

The movie takes place many years after we destroy the earth by abusing it. Humans were forced to live on another planet and protect themselves from creatures that were designed to sense human fears and then kill them. Kitai Raige (Jaden) and Cypher Raige (Will) go on what was to be a routine mission. But something happens and the aircraft they are on is forced to land on a forbidden planet. One that is not safe for humans. The rescue beacon in the front of the plane does not work. Cypher is injured too badly to travel to get the beacon from the tail of the aircraft that is over 100KM away. So Kitai must make the journey.

I’ll leave my description at that. There is too many really good (sometimes bad) surprises that I want you go see the movie to see for yourself.

I LOVED this movie. It is intense yet has a real soft side watching father and son try to work together. There was one part of the movie where Will’s character gives a speech on what fear is and why really it’s pointless to life. Will delivers this speech with a straight face, eyes unchanging. They way he says it gave me goose-bumps. If I had the blu-ray I would have gone back to that part and watched it several times. Jaden did an amazing job with his emotions in the movie, as well as doing a lot of physically demanding acting.

The movie comes out this weekend and I highly encourage you to go watch this movie. I would say kids ages 12 and up could go watch it. It does have blood and some “scary” aliens in it, so if your kid is sensitive about those things please beware of that.
I loved this movie so much that I want to go see it again already and I can’t wait for the blu-ray release.

I usually really dislike M. Night Shyamalan but this movie was amazing. It was a movie that made sense, didn’t leave me going “why did I waste my time?” It had me wanting more of it, I wanted to see more of Will and Jaden’s characters and where they came from and where they go from here. I felt connected. I give “After Earth” 5 STARS out of 5 STARS. Well done everyone.