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My Thoughts-
“Albino” by by E.J. Dabel

The book Albino starts off on a farm with an old farmer who can talk to this strange looking mouse named Albino. Albino came into his life 50 years ago and they have become very close. Then one day Albino is taken by a kid and thrown into a river. Albino wakes up in a strange forest and discovers there is a lot he doesn’t know or understand about the animal kingdom. He soon discovers he is special to some and an outcast to others. And he’s on an adventure to help new friends and to find his way back tot he farm.

The book for me was hard to get into at first. There were a lot of strange names and places to try and remember. But once I got past the name issue I really got into this book. The book left you at a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to read more.

I would describe the book as a combo of “The Secret of Nim” and “The Dark Crystal” with just a touch of “The Rescuers”. The animals can talk, there are some very dark creatures that Albino needs to avoid or defend himself against and there are magical powers.

I would recommend this book to teenagers and older. It’s a great animal adventure book. I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait for the next book so I can see what happens with Albino and his new family.

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