Kitchener Food Revolution Day (May 18, 2013)

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Last weekend I took part in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day here in Kitchener. It was hosted and put together by Those2Girls, Lisa and Diane. I was honored they asked me to be part of this. It’s very important to me to help as many families as I can eat healthy and live healthy together.

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For my part I set up a booth with free water bottles and a poster with some saddening facts about childhood obesity. I did the water bottles because I really feel we don’t drink enough in a day, I’m hoping the bottles will be a small reminder to drink more. I had one lady ask me if she could put juice in hers. I sad, “nope, it’s only for water.” I know she could if she wanted to, put juice in it, but I wasn’t going to encourage it.

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There were several other booths to visit and tons of activities for kids to do. My oldest daughter’s favorite booth was the Run For Life spin bike. She now wants me to get a spin bike her size so she can workout with me. I love Run For Life and what they have done for the community. Last year I did the Social Media Mile for their Cambridge Classic Mile track meet. I knew they would be there so I wore my “Future Runner On Board” shirt to support running and health with them.

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Another booth my kids enjoyed was the Planting with Eco Eats. They had egg containers that the kids put dirt into, then the picked from several seeds to plant. I think we ended up with carrots, dill and another herb. My kids have been watering and watching their plants everyday to see when they will start to grow. Once they are big enough they will be transferred into our garden.

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We also had local farmers and information to find fresh, locally grown foods. Not only is it important to eat a well balanced meal it is important to support local (you know where the food comes from and know what is on it).

I think for the first Food Revolution Day in Kitchener is was a huge hit!! Thank you Lisa and Diane for all your hard work. And thank you to everyone who came out.