“Murder by the Homeplace” book review

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Jen’s Thoughts-
‘Murder by the Homeplace’ by William Leverne Smith.

The author of this book called it a Novella, it’s not a short story but not a novel either. This book is included in a series and I have not read the others so when I opened this novella I had no clue who was who, and what their characters had endured, but it didn’t matter. The author wrote this story well enough that a first time reader of the series wasn’t lost.

I really liked that while reading this novella, it reminded me of an older mystery movie. The way the author used his words, made it seem like it was being read to me, instead of me reading it. The details were great; I could almost see exactly where everything was taking place. I also really enjoyed the different perspective of the writing. The novella was written as if the main character, Penny Nixon, were writing in a journal.

I didn’t like that the author used the word ‘said’ a lot, almost every sentence; I was reminded who was talking. I found that took up a lot of reading time, even though I knew who was still talking. Some characters spoke, but most of it was a ‘hear-say’ kind of story. What Penny was told, she told to me while reading. Also, the plot started out one way and ended in another direction. I really enjoyed where the author took the plot and how it was played out, I just wish this novella was a little longer so the ending had more to it. I was interested in reading the end result but it was cut short.

All in all, ‘Murder by the Homeplace’ was a quick, good read. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in mysteries, or short stories.

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