Pregnancy- 24 weeks

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I think this month has been longer then any of the other months. We’re still adapting to our youngest having Type 1 Diabetes. It’s a daily struggle and after talking to other parents with children with T1D, it will be for awhile. Plus it’s sooooooo tiring.

Add the T1D child with being pregnant AND SUFFERING from kidney stones. You have one very very very tired and weak mommy. I’m thankful I have an extremely hard working and helpful husband. He’s become- daddy, mommy, wife, husband, full-time worker (40-70 hours a week). He’s just as tired as I am.

One thing I’m very thankful for is the health of this baby. He’s a strong little guys. He’s gone through all this stress and surgeries and is doing amazing. I praise God for all this.

I’m hoping these last few months will go by a bit more smoothly. I’d love to enjoy this pregnancy and to enjoy my other kids. Not just be sleeping or in the hospital.

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Below is a format I adapted from Sippy Cup Mom. She recently had twin girls. She’s also one of my favorite blogs. Please go check her out.
How Far Along:
24 weeks

Total Weight Gain:
21lbs. The first 15lbs were in the first trimester, the rest has been this past few months.

Food Cravings:
chocolate milk, Peanut butter w/ chocolate, pizza hut, popcorn and salads

Food Aversions:
Ground meat, anything too creamy, fish.

-braxton hicks have started
-frequent urination in the middle of the night
-Heart burn
-itchy skin
-large tummy

With my kidney stones I have had a lot of ultrasounds. I’m thankful every time they say baby is looking good and has a strong heartbeat.

This Week, We’re Talking About…
Planning out the room. Not sure what to decorate his room as. We’re so use to girls, this is a new journey for us. We’re also arranging who can come and help after baby comes. I know I’ll be beyond exhausted after this crazy whirlwind of a pregnancy.

I haven’t started seeing my OB yet, My first appointment with him will be in June, next month!! I’m excited to finally be working with him and making plans for birth.