The 8mm Stone Saga

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On Monday, April 29, early morning, I headed back to the ER with another kidney stone attack (my 9th time back in 1.5 months). After several rounds of morphine with no relief they have me totarol. It gave some relief but not much. A week ago I found out I have an 8mm stone stuck in my ureter on my left side.
I was sent immediately to see my urologist, who in turn admitted me into the hospital. They needed to get the pain under control and make plans on how to get the stone out.
I was so dehydrated by the time I got into the hospital that they had a really hard time getting an iv in. It took 5 tries. One of those tries we had a vein but it burst because I was so dehydrated.
Monday night I was finally allowed to eat. The last time I ate was 6:30 the night before. At midnight I had to stop eating again.
Tuesday I was sent for another ultrasound. It showed the stone moved and was right at the opening of the ureter and bladder. I went into surgery at 5PM. The original plan was to place a stint in for 16 weeks. Thankfully the doctor was able to smash and grab the stone. He put in a stint to help remove the missed fragments from smashing the stone.
Tuesday night I was miserable. Peeing was like someone shoving toothpicks in the place the pee comes out, at the same time someone was stabbing me in the kidney with a jagged knife.
Wednesday morning I begged the doctor to take the stint out. He wanted to keep it in until Friday, but I couldn’t stand that pain anymore.
I came home Wednesday at noon. I felt alright but yuck. By Wednesday night I was in a ton of pain. Not only in my kidney but also my head. I knew the pain would need to go away at home. The kidney pain was just spasms and the fragments of the stone moving out. Nothing they can do for me at the ER. The head pain was a combo for not eating much, lack of sleep and from the spinal block I got from the surgery.
I did end up with a good nights sleep. Praise The Lord.
I woke up this morning with really bad kidney pain again. I know this is still something I need to just handle at home. Its BAD pain. The road to healing will be a long one.
Thankfully through this all the baby is doing very well. He’s 22.5 weeks now. I have 15.5 weeks until my c-section. Praying he is kept safe through it all.

Because of all of these health issues I have been behind on blogging. I am sorry for the lack of updates and posting reviews past their deadlines. I’m working really hard on catching up and I’ve asked a few friends to help. I hope to be caught up by the end of next week. Thank you to all my readers for all your support. Much love.