Adventure Bible website- review

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My Thoughts-
Every year our church gives an Adventure Bible to all the kids going from Kindergarten to Grade 1. My oldest received her Bible last year and loves to read it everyday. We were excited to learn that there is a new Adventure Bible website by Zondervan. The site is geared towards kids older then my daughter, about ages 10+ but she had fun sitting down with me to play to the games together. It was actually nice to spend some really good quality time with her, exploring the Bible games and activities.

The website offers Games, Bible Activities and Bible Search. We had the most fun playing all the games over and over again. My favorite to play would be “Leapin’ Lemur”. It is sort of like hangman, where you have to guess the words in the Bible verse by picking letter. We also had fun in the Bible Actives section, there are a ton of downloadable actives for your kids to do, such as word searches and cross words. The Bible Search section of the website is just that, a place where you can search for a verse you wanted to read or discuss.

Over all we loved this site and will be visiting very often. It’s free to play and is fun. The navigation is easy to follow and it’s bright and colorful.

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