“BLACK VENUS” book review

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My Thoughts-
“BLACK VENUS” by James MacManus

Charles Baudelaire is a “starving” poet in the 19th century. He spends more then he makes, just to keep up appearances, that is until his mother cuts off his funds. He soon discovers a women named, Jeanne Duval aka Black Venus, and she becomes his inspiration for some dark and sexually intense poems. He finds a publisher to publish his literature, even though they both know it would be banned and could cost them a lot in life. Baudelaire’s mother blames Duval for her sons miscomings. Duval blames Baudelaire’s hunger for sex and drugs for his issues. Baudelaire blames society for not understanding his brilliant poems. So what will happen in the end? Will Baudelaire become the famous poet he dreamed of? Will Duval find her way in life?

This book takes place in Paris in the 19th century. There were a lot of French names and words thrown in throughout the book. For me I found this made it hard for me to read. I loved the story line and wanted to find out more of what happened but at the same time I kept getting frustrated with trying to read it.

If you enjoy historical fiction with romance, death, sexual intentions. I think you would like this book. It wasn’t a book for me but it wasn’t a badly written book either. It kept me wanting to read to the end and I’m glad I did, there were so many twists and turns in the book and the ending was not what I expected. I think you’ll be surprised too. I was worth the reading and the frustration of trying to get past harder words, to get to the end. WOW!

FIND it-